Monday, April 7, 2014

new decor

I've been sick the last week and barely left the house so I decided to tackle my first Spring Cleaning goal of re-decorating our family room. We had one big chair in this space before and wanted something that provided more seating but took up less space. I found these chairs on Amazon and it was a perfect fit. 

One down... a few more to go

Monday, March 31, 2014

spring cleaning

Everybody's doing it, it's spring cleaning time.

I'm a little bit overwhelmed by spring cleaning and all of the LONG lists of what to do that I found on Pinterest. They don't all make sense for my home and life and it's just not feasible to get all of that done and done well. 

I've decided to make a goal list of the things that I need to do in my home after a long winter of my new life as a stay at home mom, lots of things took a back seat and need a revamp- to clean and to organize.

+Reese's closet
+Spare room
+Coffee cabinet
+Front & Back Patio
+New decor for family room 
+Playroom for Reese
+New cleaning schedule
+Clean blinds
+Clean range/oven
+Clean washer & dryer

I'll be conquering these things over the next few weeks. To start everything off, we just got our carpets cleaned and bought a new vacuum. Now I'm motivated!!

What are some of your spring cleaning goals? Join me in conquering them in the next few weeks? We can hold each other accountable.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

how i organize my...

I get asked all of the time how I organize different parts of my home. Every home is different and functions differently and I am a firm believer that each home should be organized the way that works best for the owner, but I also think sharing how things look in your home can spark ideas for others!

I found these bins at the Dollar Store... pretty great because I hate spending money on storage when I feel like it's not always necessary, just makes things look better.
My laundry room is upstairs and basically just holds my washer and dryer, so I have to find other spaces in my home to house things that I normally would put in a craft room or laundry room.  I do have 2 linen closets in my hallway upstairs so I use one of them as my space.

Here is how I organize my gift area:

Small boxes or bags for wrapping // ribbon // pre bough gifts for boys, girls and babies 
gift bags // tissue // tissue

My girlfriends make so much fun of me but I have never purchased a gift bag or tissue paper because I have kept all of it from showers, gifts, birthday and Christmas. {You know a gift is from me if the tissue paper isn't pressed perfectly}. I totally don't care though because I never have to pay for it!! 

How do you organize your gift wrapping area? 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

guest post for Southern Grade

Sharing a little bit about marriage, faith and being a new mom over here today. Stop by and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

closet organization

We should all be going through our closets at the change of every season. My sister and I do this for each other all of the time. I went over to her house this week to do some work!! We are bold with each other when it comes to this. You really need another eye and opinion. We don't need most of the clothes that we have and really end up wearing a small circle of items. Let's take things out and give it away to charity or a friend, think of the benefit others will have, not the loss that you think you will experience.

How we do it:

1. The owner goes through and takes out things she's unsure of. This could be:
a. things that may or may not be cute anymore 
b. things you haven't warn in the last 6 months
c. things that feel old and outdated or worn
d. things that you don't feel excited about putting on in the morning or feel beautiful in

2. The helper goes through and takes out items she questions. BE BOLD.

3. The owner goes through everything in the pile and tries on or says yes or no

4. You put back in your closet organized.

I like to organize my clothes by type of item.
Jackets, Cardigans, Sweaters, Button Ups, Long Sleeves, Short Sleeves & Tanks

I like all of my hangers to be the same type. It's a good thing to invest in to keep clothes fitting well.

Put all of your clothes in the same direction on the hanger

Sort shoes by type of shoe. To save space, put one shoe one direction and the other shoe the other direction. Shoe racks are always a good idea.

Happy organizing!!! 
Call me up and invite me over if you need help.
My friends will tell you that I'm honest ... right guys?

Monday, February 10, 2014

baby girl's room

This being my first baby, I wasn't quite sure what I needed to have around her room or where I should actually put it. After talking to friends, I organized everything before she was born the way that I thought best. Five months later I have for sure moved things around to make it work better for how we live in her space. I love her room and the way it turned out, it feels like us!

Some of my inspiration:

Some shots of her room:

How I organized:

I didn't want to purchase a lot of storage tools so I made do with what I had. I hope to show that can still have a place for everything without having to buy things or organize it in a way you could never re-create while actually living in the space.

Are you about to be a new mom? Do you have any specific questions about how to organize all of the stuff

Monday, December 23, 2013

a little photo organization

Ever since my little one was born I have been worried about not capturing and correctly organizing pictures of her. I take way too many iphone pictures and not enough SLR pictures. I have always organized my photos by year but with the way babies change so much I wanted to break it down more than that.

A few weeks ago I decided that on the same day each month, the day that my babe becomes a month older, that I would upload all my pictures from my camera and phone to my iphoto library and title each event by the month. 

This will also help make sure when I sit down to make her baby book that the timeline is correct. Doing it once a month takes away my back up of never getting around to it. I always find you need to take a little extra time to do something often otherwise it's a big headache a year from now.

How do you all organize your photos?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

it's been a while...

I decided to fall off the face of the blog earth for a while friends. I was spending too much time in my day on the computer and worrying too much about my internet life and not enough about my real life. I was measuring my outfits, photography, thoughts, weekends and outings based on what would look best in a blog. Trying to keep up and make it better all of the time wasn't for me.

Also, I've been doing this...

...growing a sweet girl inside of me. My daughter. These last 27 weeks have been an incredible journey. God is teaching me so much about His control on our lives from before we were born and how He desires the reigns for the rest of it. I'm merely the vessel that He is using to form my sweet Reese Katherine inside of me. He is making her perfect, not her, not me, not Brian, He is.

Here's to letting Him have that kind of control forever  on her life and mine as He is better at it than I ever could be.

Sometimes I miss blogging so maybe I'll be back every once in a while to share about how an ordinary person can be organized or with thoughts on what I'm learning in this life.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

spring cleaning // make up brushes

I never think to clean my make up brushes because I just assume I'm using the same make up on them right? But when I start to think about all of the places I've set them down, bacteria on my face, sweat etc, it started to gross me out. I bought this Laura Mercier brush cleaner for $18 because I'm pretty sure this bottle will last me the rest of my life.

Step 1 // Lay out your brushes and throw away any that are too old or that you don't have a specific use for anymore

Step 2 // Take out your brushes one by one, spray on the cleaner, wipe it on a towel or tissue until you don't see anything coming off 

Step 3 // lay out to dry

Step 4 // Put back in a cute container

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Love this idea! This is great for any drawer that needs things to stay in place. I love drawer organizers but sometimes you can't find the right sizes for what you want and let's be honest they aren't always cheap for what they are.

Step 1: Measure the depth of your drawer
Step 2: Find any box top, measure & cut
Step 3: cover with cute paper or paint it or use magazine by gluing it down
Step 4: arrange and enjoy!

Friday, January 4, 2013

office alternatives

We all need a space for "office stuff"- bills, calendar, mail etc. but we all don't have an extra room to hold that in our homes. I love these alternatives that hold everything necessary but don't take up a lot of space! Would you ever try something like this? I love how you can make it these also look decorative as well.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

organize my day

If you work part time or are a stay at home mom, like a lot of my friends, you have a lot to accomplish in a week around your home. Some days you have too little and some days too much time to do it in. How do you get everything done in a week without feeling overwhelmed and give up?

Step 1: Make a list of all of the items you have to complete in a week
EX:  laundry, fold & put away, clean bathrooms, pick up & organize, vacuum, pay bills, mop (etc.)

Step 2: Make a list of the things you'd like to do in a week
EX: work out, crafting, read a book, blog

Step 3: Write out your current schedule to find the holes
EX:   8:30-12:30 Work
          12:30-1:30 Lunch
          1:30-3 Free Time
          3-5  Social Time

The holes I've created are  1:30-3 and 3-5 - what makes the most sense to me would be to have the "have to do's" 1:30-3 and the "want to do's" 3-5

Step 4: Make a schedule for each day of the week so you get everything done but it's spread out and doesn't feel like an overwhelming task.

                                                 1:30-3                            3-5
DAY OF THE WEEK           HAVE                          WANT
Sunday                                   Laundry                        time with husband
Monday                                  Fold & Put Away          work out
Tuesday                                  Clean Bathrooms          read & blog
Wednesday                             Pick Up House             work out
Thursday                                Vacuum                        see a friend
Friday                                     Mop                              work out
Saturday                                 Pay Bills                       craft

Step 5: Display this somewhere in your home to motivate you. Stick to it but give yourself grace if it doesn't work every single day!

Do you struggle organizing your day or getting things done?
Take 20 minutes to do this for yourself and see what you can come up with!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas tree hunt

one of my favorite things about living in Oregon is cutting down our Christmas tree every year. There are a ton of farms just 15 minutes from our house out in the country. The last few years we have gone with some of our best friends and made a fun day out of it! 

Do you get to cut down your Christmas tree? 





Friday, December 14, 2012

warning: shallow post-needed a change

I decided on a whim last week that I needed a hair change. I've had the same cut for a few years now and was ready to try something different. I love short hair on other people but have always hated it on myself because I feel like I look like I'm 10. I was inspired by these pictures of Olivia Palermo and her long bob and thought I'd try it.


here is a little before and after from yesterday. I look super tired but that's ok. Photobucket

Now it's going to be a challenge styling it in a way everyday that makes me look mature as opposed to immature. This morning I used my Hana flat iron to curl a few pieces. Any short hair styling advice?



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