Monday, March 31, 2014

spring cleaning

Everybody's doing it, it's spring cleaning time.

I'm a little bit overwhelmed by spring cleaning and all of the LONG lists of what to do that I found on Pinterest. They don't all make sense for my home and life and it's just not feasible to get all of that done and done well. 

I've decided to make a goal list of the things that I need to do in my home after a long winter of my new life as a stay at home mom, lots of things took a back seat and need a revamp- to clean and to organize.

+Reese's closet
+Spare room
+Coffee cabinet
+Front & Back Patio
+New decor for family room 
+Playroom for Reese
+New cleaning schedule
+Clean blinds
+Clean range/oven
+Clean washer & dryer

I'll be conquering these things over the next few weeks. To start everything off, we just got our carpets cleaned and bought a new vacuum. Now I'm motivated!!

What are some of your spring cleaning goals? Join me in conquering them in the next few weeks? We can hold each other accountable.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

how i organize my...

I get asked all of the time how I organize different parts of my home. Every home is different and functions differently and I am a firm believer that each home should be organized the way that works best for the owner, but I also think sharing how things look in your home can spark ideas for others!

I found these bins at the Dollar Store... pretty great because I hate spending money on storage when I feel like it's not always necessary, just makes things look better.
My laundry room is upstairs and basically just holds my washer and dryer, so I have to find other spaces in my home to house things that I normally would put in a craft room or laundry room.  I do have 2 linen closets in my hallway upstairs so I use one of them as my space.

Here is how I organize my gift area:

Small boxes or bags for wrapping // ribbon // pre bough gifts for boys, girls and babies 
gift bags // tissue // tissue

My girlfriends make so much fun of me but I have never purchased a gift bag or tissue paper because I have kept all of it from showers, gifts, birthday and Christmas. {You know a gift is from me if the tissue paper isn't pressed perfectly}. I totally don't care though because I never have to pay for it!! 

How do you organize your gift wrapping area? 


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