Thursday, August 30, 2012

the c wall

I've been collecting "C"s after I saw an initial wall up at a friends's house and have been so excited to put them up in our new home!

Getting some inspiration and I think I know exactly where I want them to go.

Do you have an initial wall? I would love to see a picture!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

wish I was here wednesday

heading back into the "real world" after vacation has always been super hard for me, maybe most others as well. It's only Wednesday and I'm already feeling way overwhelmed about the amount of things going on in my life as well as catching up from when I was gone and looking forward to the next season. SO I'm clinging to this right now:

and also wish that I was here right now:

Monday, August 27, 2012

where the spirit of the lord is, there is freedom

This couldn't be more true to the way I feel. I am so grateful to have Jesus to set me free, free from captivity of insecurities, expectations, societal standards. The creator of the universe is offering you a way out, a pass, a burden lifted off of your shoulders that you may not even realize is there. Freedom is the only way to describe the feeling. What can you let Jesus take off of your shoulders this week? What if the God of the universe wanted to set you free?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

reader question: the TV

reader question:

What are pointers on placing a tv in a living room without it being tacky? Or how to display a tv that isn't or can't be central to the entire room.


Thanks for your question! 


2 thoughts came to mind for this issue: 

1. Choose the focal point so the TV isn't it.
Most people could choose a fire place, this means that you would center the couch to face the fire place and have the TV off to the side or on a different wall. 
Another option would be to have your couch facing 2 chairs, this give the feeling of pointing people towards conversation instead of the TV. A similar idea would be to have 4 chairs facing each other.
A lot of people have big windows or sliding glass doors in their family room, this would be another option for a focal point, outdoors make for natural artwork, face your furniture there!

2. Put decor around it, make it look like a piece of art or that it blends right in with the theme of your decor you have going on in the living room! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

three year anniversary!

we're taking a much needed escape to Bend,OR, our favorite place.

A little bit of our story
Engagement Pictures
The Details

Monday, August 20, 2012


Brian and I have escaped for the week to celebrate our anniversary on Wednesday.
THREE years. crazy!
A few picture from our trip so far via instagram:

Monday, August 13, 2012

if I had a Kitchen

I would be making this for dinner this week:



Source: via Olivia on Pinterest


and Friday night is pizza night! what are you cooking this week?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

guest post: Wild & Precious

a quick note & a call to help from a dear friend (we've never met in person but that doesn't matter!) Blair:

I first saw this video back in February and it's been stirring my soul ever since.  "Possessions in my hand will never be more valuable than peace in my heart... start a new conversation."  From there God has been keeping my heart all aflutter with ideas about how I can use my everyday platforms - my blog, my twitter, my job as a youth director, etc. to love His people. And not just that, but to also challenge myself to break free of the grips of this world that tell me I have to be, act, look, possess, do xyz in order to be loved.  The Pixie Project began to grow...

The idea of the project was to partner with Mocha Club to help rescue 3 women from the sex industry of Ethiopia.  At $400 a women, the goal was $1,200 -- then, when I reached my goal, I would get the haircut I've always wanted to try but have lacked the courage/motivation to get.  It was a way to make the haircut about something bigger and important and a fun way for me to use my platforms to love God's people. 

Here are some facts:
1 or 9 women in the capital city of Ethiopia are part of the sex industry.
3 of 4 of the women in this lifestyle have AIDS, which for many is a death sentence. 

For $400 a women, Mocha Club can take a women off the street and give them a year of intensive counseling, spiritual guidance, medical attention, job training, a safe place to stay, and also give their children education and health care.  Helping 3 women in this way would be the motivation I needed to get the haircut. 

As of this past Friday I've reached my goal! Such sweet affirmation from my Savior.  The support I have gotten has fed, challenged, convicted, and encouraged my soul.  I am full of gratitude as I continue to learn more and more about God's grace and His desires for me.

Though I've reached my goal & I'm definitely getting my hair cut, I'm not stopping.  The Pixie Project will continue to run through the rest of August.  We'll continue to raise awareness and funds for the Women at Risk.  There are more women we can support -- a second chance at life! I hope that you will help me in this continued endeavor buy donating, praying, and spreading the word.

You can donate by clicking the button below that will take you straight to my fundraising page (all donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your records).  You can also follow along with the Pixie Project on my blog.  

Thanks for being a part of this journey.  We can do something wonderful together!

Friday, August 10, 2012

diy headboard: using a door

Source: via Olivia on Pinterest

Brian and I will need a headboard for our bed once we find a house to move into. Thinking something like this would be fun and cheap!

 Has anyone ever made one before? Would love to hear about it!


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