Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

wish I was here wednesday

how romantic is this??!!
date night?

friends, i would looove to see:
where do you wish you were today???
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

do you live in Portland??


Then this giveaway is for you!!!!

enter a chance to win some wonderful services from a skin care pro!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Feature: Miss Joy Skincare + a portland giveaway

If you all follow me on twitter you've heard me rave about my skin care gal. She has helped me SO much start to get a handle on my least favorite thing (my skin...) 

I grabbed bloggers Anna & Hannah  to come down to her salon with me for some fun

{lookin beautiful after their organic airbrush tans}

Would like for you guys to meet Jesslin Richman 
of Miss Joy Skincare 

Q & A:

What made you interested in skin care?
I grew up with a horrible complexion And I was always was really self conscious of my skin. Since then I always wanted to learn how to fix my own skin and help others that were also uncomfortable In their own skin. 

Tell us a little bit about your business/services?

I started this business on wanting the foundation to be "affordable personal skincare." (this is what makes me different too) Meaning: I am the only one treating my clients. Everytime you come in you don't see a new therapist. I learn your skin and what works for you. There is not a miracle solution to any skin problem. Everyones skin is unique and I treat everyone differently.

What makes you different?

I am also different from other skin therapists because you don't have to try and fit in my Schedule.. You fit Miss Joy into your Schedule.

I work by appointment only, meaning you can schedule your appointment the day you need it done or months in advance. I take appointments anytime from 9am-9pm. 7 days a week.  I want to make sure I am always available for you! 

What is your specialty/ What special services to you have ? 

My specialty would have to be my healthy paraben free airbrush tanning. It's a customized solution for everyone's skin tone. Non orange guaranteed! It's important for the solution to be paraben free because when you use a product with parabens in it, it can mimic estrogen an can lead to breast cancer. The solution is one of a kind and it's cheaper than any place in Oregon! Only $20 per tan or $60 a month!
You don't need to put on any lotions on your hands or feet! Just come in and give me 15 mintues of your time and you will leave with a great glow or tan, whatever you want!

What is your favorite skin care product?

Personally my favorite skincare product is Retinol. It's a derivative of vitamin A. When put on your skin it becomes an exfoliate and increases collagen production. Which in return reduces blemishes and wrinkles!  What else could you want right?

What is your best skin advice?

1st: If you don't like to wash your face or it's hard for you to wash your face twice a day, wash your skin at night. Your skin replenishes most at night and it can't do that if you don't clean off your makeup and clear your pores. Every day you sleep with makeup on your pores it ages you on an average of 20 days per night. That ads up! Yikes.  

2nd: Wear sunscreen and don't go in tanning beds! 
Not only does your chances increase with skin cancer, you are aging yourself at a rapid pace. 

Ready for Jesslin's help?  She does waxing, facials, body scrubs, airbrush tans ETC.
Call and Make an appointment: 503.819.6831
She can work anytime- 9am-9pm 7 days a week
She works out of a yellow salon Karna on 27th & Thurman in NW Portland

giveaway for PORTLAND area readers:
2 people will win a free eye brow wax!

{1.} be a follower of For Me through GFC & visit Jesslin's website letting me know what you would love to have done! (leave 1 comment for this)

for extra entries (leave a separate comment for each)

{2.} "like" her on facebook (and leave a comment telling me you did so)
{3.} blog about this giveaway (and leave me a comment telling me you did so)
{4.} tweet this: (and leave a comment telling me you did so)
awesome #giveaway for portland readers over at @oliviakcarter 's blog come check it out

I'll choose 2 winners via and announce next Friday! 

ps sorry about all of the weird formatting, blogger has defeated me, i give up.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

in or out?

I love being an observer, watching people interact with those around them, thinking about the possibility of their stories. This past Sunday at church, this beautiful couple, probably in their early thirties, was in front of me. The woman was holding their 6-8 week old baby. I was in awe watching her cuddle him, feed him a bottle, comfort him as he began his quiet cry. Such a beautiful thing. Next to her were 3 high school boys. I loved watching these boys give Jose their undivided attention, excitedly taking notes. After a while I assumed that these high school boys were being mentored by the dad of the precious baby I wanted to steal.

I thought to myself about not missing a moment of life. Sometimes I think we can get into the mindset that what WE have going on is too much and we need to get rid of all of the outward things we are doing. Sometimes this can be true and we need to set boundaries for our marriage, or family or personal situation going on. But as we seek the Lord and are continued to be filled up from Him we really should never feel stressed or tired or overwhelmed too much to not be able to deal with our situation. YES if we are not seeking Him there is no way we can do most of the things in our life without Him. I just loved assuming the fact that this new mom and dad couple were not focused so much on this new joy in their life that they were able to drive high school boys to church with them. This new dad was making the most of every opportunity he had to show others the sacrificial love of Christ.

One of the boys raised his hand at the end of the service when Jose asked for those who felt moved by the Spirit during this service to commit their lives to Christ. This boy then went the prayer room and closely following him was this new dad. What a life changing day. What if that new parent couple had been too tired to invite those boys to church or too caught up in their own lives to even go that morning. A new life in Christ would have been postponed for another time. This high school boy got to begin his journey with Christ living inside his heart THAT day.

What kind of life would we live if it was always looking in at what we need and never out to what others needed. There are so many needs in this world that with Christ's strength in us we can meet. Are you looking in or are you looking out?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wish I was here wednesday

um yes please can I have this?

friends, i would looove to see:
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

let go

been really inspired by this lately:
Source: via Olivia on Pinterest

wrote about it today over at Wild & Precious if you'd like to read it you can find it here!

Monday, March 21, 2011

featured: MM

so you all heard me rave about my best friend who is a fashion design student at FIT when we went to visit NYC for her show. The show is called Fusion, it is a competition between the 2 design schools in NYC- she is in her last semester at FIT.

i wanted to share her creations with you all
the line: the estrangement
(she is 3rd from the right- the rest are her 5 looks)

the show from brian's iphone:

how awesome is she?! did the last look give you chills??

Friday, March 18, 2011

blog catch up + formspring

WHEW! we are back and finally settling back in...

I wanted to say a special thank you to some ladies that did guest posts for me. If you missed them:

Anna (my sissy) on her love of NYC
Liz on spring dresses and colors
Molly on all things spring fashion
Meg on what excites her about spring

YAY so fun. 

also, welcome if you are a new follower! excited to take a look at all of your blogs once I get settled back into a routine at home :)

alllso I have a formspring. I got it a awhile ago to fit in with all of our YL club kids but that wasn't a very good idea as I literally wanted to cry reading the things on all of their pages. Kids are SO mean and when they can ask or SAY anything they want anonymously it got ugly.  

BUT i've been seeing Liz use it as a fun way for blog readers to get to know her better. SO I'm bringing it back!  Ask away.... just be nice :)

a few posts that caught my eye as I've been catching up:

a must try, i love cupcakes and i love coconut!!!!
(will do it with some gluten free flour and see how it goes)

some cute DIY projects to try & some more

some beautiful words

YUMMM (um apparently i'm hungry???)

fun air plants

Thursday, March 17, 2011

what I learned: traveling to NYC

We had such a great and fun trip visiting 2 of my best friends in NYC and showing Brian all of the glory that is the city.  This was probably my 6th time going as my parents both lived there for many years but this was the first time going without them. I was so nervous about finding my way around, feeling like a tourist, getting lost etc. since every other time I've been I've just followed around my parents! I was pleasantly surprised that finding my way around New York was SO easy. Love cities that are grids, in numerical order.  Here are a few things that I learned on our trip:

1. Staying warm: this coat saved my life :)

It was so great to be able to zip up, snap up, have my bum warm with big pockets but still feel like I was looking stylish J I also always had on hand gloves (these beauties with finger holes), hat, scarf, head band (via my sweet friend from CHWH Swap) tissues, hand sanitizer, chapstick

2. The Bag: cross body bag- so brilliant for the city. It’s small enough that it made me not carry too many things at one time, so I always had the essentials and I didn’t have to dig through my purse to find things when needed. I also always had my hands free to take pictures and never felt lopsided by a tired shoulder

3. Game plan & neighborhood walks- We had one, and then we got to spontaneous… we really only had 2 days to see the sights but we ended up Uptown and Downtown both days, we should have stayed Uptown one day and downtown the next. We did a ton of walking and just wanted to experience all of the neighborhoods. This was our favorite part of our trip, just getting to walk around and take it all in. There are SO many different neighborhoods and they each differ SO much, I feel like you need to see them all to experience NYC as a whole :)

4. Subway: make sure you have a map of NYC with subway stations- this helped us so much when getting on subways.  You can see where they stop and you always feel prepared before you enter the subway. I was never stressed at all during transportation because I had a map like this: along with brian's iphone to tell us how to get from where we were walking to the nearest subway station that I found on my map :)

5. Happy Feet- I brought these boots, flats and converse. I thought I would wear the boots most of the time, but once we got here I realized I had brought the wrong socks to make my feet happy

6. Take your Time: its sometimes nice just to walk with no agenda, slow, especially around central park

to see more pictures from our trip go here

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wish I was here wednesday

i'd like to be romping around in these woods

friends, i would looove to see:
where do you wish you were today???
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Monday, March 14, 2011

guest post: {meg's musing}

hello, i'm meg, writer behind meg's musings and shop owner of pretty things by meg.
i am truly honored to be guest blogging for the beautiful,
inspiring and encouraging olivia today! hope you enjoy :)


spring is hands-down my favorite season. i am counting down the days.
after a seemingly endless, brutally cold Michigan winter
(this one has been especially unkind),
it is the most glorious thing to once again feel the warm sun on my face,
and to watch new life spring up around me.. to see green again.
it is a beautiful reminder to me of the new life we have in Christ,
and how he is constantly re-creating us.

there are so many things about spring that i am pumped about.
i thought i'd share a few of the front-runners.

{1} flowers!
they make me ridiculously happy. most especially cherry blossoms and peonies.


{2} farmers' market.
fresh fruit + fresh veggies + fresh bread + fresh pasta + fresh flowers...
within walking distance from our house = pure bliss.

{3} flats. 
because i am so. sick. of wearing winter boots. and socks. 

{4} lemon bars.
creamy meyer lemon crumb bars to be exact.


{5} long walks & bike rides.
especially at the park with my hubby & our cockapoo magglio.


{6} celebrating me and hubby's 3rd wedding anniversary! memorial day weekend. don't have plans yet, but i'm hoping to travel somewhere new.

what are you looking forward to most this spring??
T - 6 DAYS!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

guest post: urban nester

hi . hey . hello .
molly here, from urban nester 

when olivia asked me to do a guest post , i was thrilled
however, i had no idea what i was going to blog about {baking, fashion, faith , family, crafts . . . too many options! } i finally settled on doing a post on spring fashion. 

since it's getting close to spring, i thought i'd share with you my wardrobe essentials for this season 

#1  { fedoras }

fedoras make any outfit trendy . i love them with hair pulled back in a low bun , or with beachy waves . you really can't go wrong with these hats .

#2  { feminine florals }

{ both items via anthropologie }
florals are always in for spring. i especially love this fifties inspired floral bathing suite. so chic.

#3  { wide leg trousers }

{ via emersonmade }
anyone can rock these seventies inspired wide leg trousers . universally flattering and so hip .

#4   { maxi dress }

don't  be intimidated by maxi dresses and skirts . they are all the rage this spring . i really love this one from anthropologie .

#5  { wood wedges }
{via nordstrom }
LOVE these . can't wait to invest in a pair .

#6  { lace }

lace will always look chic , glamorous , and feminine . whether it's a lace top or lace accessories , you really can't go wrong .

#7   { neutral nails }

soft and neutral nails are in for spring .

#8  { safari }

{ image one : via anthropologie . image two : jcrew }
safari jackets , dresses , pants , shoes , hats . . . you name it . all the rage .

#9   { fuchsia lips }

my favorite . i love this shade and it's so in for spring . i'm a drugstore cosmetics junky { especially when it comes to lipstick } .

#10 { gold watches }

{ via nordstrom }

hope you're inspired by my spring essentials !
happy shopping !

{ like what you see ? come visit me over at urban nester . i'd love to have you . }


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