Thursday, October 14, 2010

organized: clothes

starting a little bit of a new series called "organized" as a request by my best friend, maggie.

one of my most favorite things it to clean out my clothes.

Step 1: pick an area/drawer to clear

Step 2: Dump out everything

Step 3: Begin to fold as if you were to put them all back, and while you are about to fold each item ask yourself:

1. Do I love this
2. Do I feel comfortable when I wear this
3. Have I worn this more than once in the last 6 months- a year?

if you have answered yes to all of these questions then ask yourself the following:
1. Does this need to go here, in a box to put away for summer (or whatever season you are not in) or somehwere else in my closet/drawers?

for example: When sorting through my T-Shirts I just recently moved them into categories:
a. put in storage to keep because I won't wear them but don't want to throw them away yet
b. t-shirts that I work out in
c. t- shirts that i wear on the weekends
d. t-shirts that I wear to work
e. t-shirts that I sleep in

Then I sort into different drawers/places in my room accordingly!
This is so helpful when finding something to wear to work because then you don't have to dig through a pile of shirts that you aren't even going to consider on a Tuesday morning!


  1. can you come to my house and do this for me????

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  3. I love the question - have I worn this in 6mo - 1 year? That is my biggest rule to live by when cleaning out my clothes. And unless I have a real legit reason for saving it (maybe it is a thermal I only wear for snow days)....then it has to go! Love the series liv!


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