Thursday, May 17, 2012

portland feature: Camp Hollyhock

Happy Thursday friends! My best friend's sister & mom have a super cute boutique in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland! They started a few years back and opened their store last year! I interviewed Katie, the daughter in the mother-daughter duo. Learn more about their clothing line and boutique: Camp Hollyhock

What is Camp Hollyhock?

We are a mother-daughter duo behind Camp Hollyhock which is a small boutique where we hand make all of our garments from vintage material. We have something for all ages! Our clothes are very "girlie" and special. There are NO two items ever alike, so you will always leave with something that no one else will ever have!

What is the background? How did you get started?

Camp Hollyhock started with my mom (Marcee Melton) experimenting with a dress pattern, and some pretty fabric from the 1920's,30's,40's and so on and so forth! Her two oldest daughters were in high school at the time, and them and all of their girlfriends decided that they MUST have one of these delicate, original and adorable sun dresses. The next step was carrying our garments in boutiques across America! They were doing so well that we decided to open our very own shop. We also decided that we wanted to lower the prices of our garments, so that anyone could feel beautiful in a handmade dress made from precious vintage finds! 

What do you love about running your own business?

The thing that we love most about running our own business, is that we call the shots. Because we are in charge of all the decision making, we are able to sell gorgeous handmade clothing at extremely affordable prices. We want to make sure that any woman can come into Camp Hollyhock, and leave feeling beautiful, confident, and not broke!! 

What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far?

Our greatest accomplishment thus far, has been opening the shop. We had a dream, and we went for it! And that is something that we hope all women are able to do. (Plus, I recently met Tim Gunn, the most brilliant man in the fashion industry, and he LOVED the Hollyhock outfit that I had on! It was pretty fantastic!)

Where do you see your shop in 5 years? 

In five years, we hope to have another location, and possibly more if we feel prepared! To be established and a recognizable name would make everything worth it! 

What does "Camp Hollyhock" mean?

Absolutely nothing!...We get that question quite often, and the answer every time is "We just liked it!"...Another perk of having your own business! Marcee has always loved that name, so what better was to put it to use?!


We are located in South East Portland in the Sellwood neighborhood. 
 8235 SE 13th ave suite #14 Portland, Oregon 97202

We are here from 11am to 5pm Wednesday-Saturday, and 12pm to 4pm every Sunday! 
If you're in Portland, come in and check us out!! We would love to meet you.

if you're not in Portland, we'd still love to connect!! Find us on facebook here.


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