Tuesday, May 14, 2013

it's been a while...

I decided to fall off the face of the blog earth for a while friends. I was spending too much time in my day on the computer and worrying too much about my internet life and not enough about my real life. I was measuring my outfits, photography, thoughts, weekends and outings based on what would look best in a blog. Trying to keep up and make it better all of the time wasn't for me.

Also, I've been doing this...

...growing a sweet girl inside of me. My daughter. These last 27 weeks have been an incredible journey. God is teaching me so much about His control on our lives from before we were born and how He desires the reigns for the rest of it. I'm merely the vessel that He is using to form my sweet Reese Katherine inside of me. He is making her perfect, not her, not me, not Brian, He is.

Here's to letting Him have that kind of control forever  on her life and mine as He is better at it than I ever could be.

Sometimes I miss blogging so maybe I'll be back every once in a while to share about how an ordinary person can be organized or with thoughts on what I'm learning in this life.



  1. congrats! I saw some of your recent pins on pinterest and wondered (and hope) this was the case. welcome back. missed you.

  2. You are beautif liv!! Can't wait to see what little Reese looks like! She'll be just as gorgeous as her momma!

  3. Awe, I've missed you girl! I love the name you chose, so sweet. I am with you on not being a fan of the whole 'keeping up with the Joneses' thing in blogging. It is exhausting! I've taken a step back so as not to get caught up in it all. But I've missed seeing you on here. Can't believe we'll be living in the same city in just a few months, definitely has not sunk in yet!

  4. I'm glad you are back! I totally understand the line you decided to draw w/ the internet and blog. It isn't fun when you let the internet and social media run your life. And SO not what this life is about. I think we will all be rolling our eyes at what we were doing on this side of heaven.

    You look beautiful! Can't wait to see what little Reese looks like! You better be posting crazy pictures of her on the internet. Or else! That baby girl is currently in your belly saying, "Do you know who I am? You're about to find out!"

  5. My husband and I are having a girl too, best wishes in your pregnancy journal! It's the best feeling knowing you've created a life.


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