Wednesday, March 5, 2014

how i organize my...

I get asked all of the time how I organize different parts of my home. Every home is different and functions differently and I am a firm believer that each home should be organized the way that works best for the owner, but I also think sharing how things look in your home can spark ideas for others!

I found these bins at the Dollar Store... pretty great because I hate spending money on storage when I feel like it's not always necessary, just makes things look better.
My laundry room is upstairs and basically just holds my washer and dryer, so I have to find other spaces in my home to house things that I normally would put in a craft room or laundry room.  I do have 2 linen closets in my hallway upstairs so I use one of them as my space.

Here is how I organize my gift area:

Small boxes or bags for wrapping // ribbon // pre bough gifts for boys, girls and babies 
gift bags // tissue // tissue

My girlfriends make so much fun of me but I have never purchased a gift bag or tissue paper because I have kept all of it from showers, gifts, birthday and Christmas. {You know a gift is from me if the tissue paper isn't pressed perfectly}. I totally don't care though because I never have to pay for it!! 

How do you organize your gift wrapping area? 


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