Saturday, September 25, 2010

do you rue?

obsessing over rue still.... a few weeks later. if you haven't yet checked it out-- do so, it's the new online mag and it totally rocks. cant wait for issue 2.
i can't stop looking at Victoria Smith's San Fran home.
Her bedroom is I think my favorite:
 (or her office... i can't decide)


  1. I've been obsessing over this magazine too! I'm ashamed to say it... but I kinda wish it came in a hard copy. There are certain things I just like to look at in print!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Ha oh my gosh! :) I love love love Rue and this! :) I would love a hard copy I agree with Kayla!

  3. I'd love for my home to have a little Rue in it!!

  4. Love! i think it's fabulous:) enjoying your weekend I hope:)

  5. How pretty! I hadn't heard of this magazine. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Happy Weekend! ♥

  6. Those rooms are gorgeous! Love them.

  7. beautiful! love that bedding!!


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