Friday, June 17, 2011

birthday in review

{disclaimer: not a very pretty post with lots of crappy phone pictures}

friday brian surprised me by taking the day off work, made me some breakfast, caught up on the Bachelorette with me for a few hours, then we took of to the Gorge to do some hiking.

1st stop was Bridal Veil Falls for a warm up

then Angel's Rest

came home to this sweet thing on my porch :)

showered and got dressed up in my new shoes, nail polish and earrings

and ate some dinner at 23 Hoyt. 

Brian had a burger of course - but the fries were the BEST fries I've ever had, hands down. 
going back there soon just for those puppies

saturday we did some yard work
and went to my parents for a little bbq and to play games!
i was enjoying myself and not taking many pictures but here is a few:

baby j and a beer? not sure his parents are going to approve of this :)

sister and husband with my moms cat...

my family: sister, brians sister, her hubs, my hubs and me

2 of my best friends and my 8 year old brother in law having fun

sunday was my grandmas birthday as well so we had the fam over to my parents again. 
this is my sweet cousins baby girl :)

and just loving what these peonies have turned into this week

YAHOO. thanks everyone for who celebrated with my last weekend. it was a blast :)


  1. This is my idea of the PERFECT weekend. What a beautiful hike. LOVE the shoes. And jealous of that burger! Yum!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.
    That Girl in Pearls

  2. so many fun pictures :) love this post. love your blog.


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