Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm back! and some what safe :) I've missed you all and feel so behind on what's going on.

Weekend was awesome. Stressful but so fun. You can hear some awesome stories about the event on our facebook page

I've came back and hit the ground running back with life, Young Life, Camp sign ups, funddraising. I am just dying to get through my to do list and cross those things off so I can relax a little bit.. All wonderful things, just a lot. My birthday is Friday and I've barely thought about it...

WISHING I was here right now, with no stress in the world, reading a book, sipping iced tea, catching up on blogs!

Source: via Olivia on Pinterest


  1. Uh wow! That place looks amazing! So green and lush and relaxing! :D
    I am glad you're back safe and sound and hopefully you can now de-stress!

  2. I wish I was right there too. I am with you - so much to do.. would be nice to sit down and enjoy that spot.


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