Wednesday, January 18, 2012

confession: I am addicted to FRIENDS

I own all 10 seasons..
I've watched through them at least 5 times each
I watch at least 2 episodes per day
If I watch Friends before bed it takes me less than 20 minutes to fall asleep.
If I don't.. it can take up to an hour.
I think that means I have an addiction problem?
If so.. I don't want help.

do you watch FRIENDS?
What is your FAV show?


  1. I'm not a Friends fan, but I am definitely a Gilmore Girls fan! I watch it all the time!!!

  2. FRASIER for the win. I'm serious. I used to love Friends but after watching a few episodes of Frasier, I'll never go back! :)

  3. Friends is my ultimate favorite show. I also have all 10 seasons and I think I can watch them all day long if I am having a lazy day.

  4. could I BE wearing any more clothes?

  5. I own all 10 seasons as well (got them for Christmas from the boyfriend). I put it on to fall asleep as well! I don't think there will ever be a show that could top Friends!

  6. "If so...I don't want help." Haha I love that!

    Agreed, Friends is the greatest show of all time.

  7. i cried during the series finale! i never wanted it to end! i watch it every night before bed, too. it's just so comforting!

  8. I am the same way!!!! I watch it at 3-5 central on TBS and from 10-12 on nick at night

  9. OMG you just described my life. Friends is my ultimate all time favorite and I watch it before bed every night too! I can recite pretty much every episode right along with them1

    Just found your blog through Faith and Fashion and seriously this post just stuck out to me so I just had to say hello!

  10. AHHH! Ya'll are MY PEOPLE! I heart Friends! I own all 10 seasons, I watch them to fall asleep, and I cannot pinpoint my favorite episode! There are so many funny episodes!!

    More Modern Modesty

  11. Holy Cow I am just like you!!! I love Friends! I am teacher and I use friends clips to show my different concepts!!!


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