Wednesday, January 4, 2012

dream home:: the outside

Brian and I are getting antsy to  buy a new house. We are SO grateful for the one we have been in for 3 years but we think 2012 MAY be the year of a new home?? We shall see what the Lord has in store for us. In the meantime.. I think I need to start putting together my ideal :)

::the outside::


  1. I love your home style pictures! They are all so beautiful and cozy! Good luck on the house hunt! Can't wait to see what you choose and how you decorate!

  2. We've been considering a house purchase as well. It's terrifying to think about though (for me, at least)! Renting is just so easy...
    but these pictures you posted sure make me WANT a house. :) (great blog, btw).

  3. ee!! how exciting love! of course I love all the kind of style! keep me posted on the house search...

  4. I am in love with that little house with the blue shutters! Would love to buy a house, but trying to patient and content because it is not the right time for us!

  5. These all remind me of you...especially the last one and the one with the blue shutters. :)

  6. these are gorgeous!! I especially love the quaint one with blue shudders. how exciting that you are i. the market or a new house.. I can't wait until Joel and I are able to buy!


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