Wednesday, February 8, 2012

organized: the calendar

The "right" calendar for you is essential to your organizational plan. I have dreamed up the perfect calendar and it includes the following:

+ vertical days :so the way I wrote it looked like the day I was doing it in
+time slots :so I knew when my free time was
+Weekly pages : because why would it be helpful any other way
+Monthly overview page: to be able to see it all at once
+ Open section for to-do/notes : for jotting notes, keeping your to-do list in all the same place, always having a note section
+hard cover: to go in my purse and have it not get wrecked
+strap to hold it all in: so you can put loose papers inside- receipts, invites etc.
+a spot for your pen: because a calendar isn't helpful without one
+not over $30.00 : because, really??

I am STILL in search of my perfect calendar. The best I have found so far is this Moleskin found here. It is missing a to-do section & a place for your pen, but it will do! I carry this everywhere with me and never say "yes" do anything with out consulting this. The reason you have the calendar is so you can write things down and then be OKAY if you forget them!

In addition to a personal calendar, if you have a spouse or a family, its important to also have a family calendar. (This one is something the Carter family is still trying to work out.) I have the sweetest husband in the world, but being organized is not his strong suit. We have a white board calendar in our kitchen, which is helpful. We have tried a Google calendar, but this also hasn't been very successful for us. My husband works off of an Outlook calendar at work and on his iPhone but we are still trying to figure out how to merge the work and family calendars for him :)

To make it really fun and easy for yourself, see some inspiration:

What are some of your calendar mishaps?
any apps or programs that this girls is missing out on?


  1. Well, i do not know how you can sync an electronic and non electronic unless you spend time once a week putting your calendar into his work calendar. But i do know that you can color code your calendar on outlook so perhaps he could choose a color for "family" and then input your calendar once a week to stay in sync!

  2. Can you get the Cozi app on your phone? It has a shared calendar, to-do lists that are organized by person or as "shared," shared shopping lists (if I'm going to hit the grocery store on my way home, Phil can just add his items to the list), and a journal section for random notes. I love it!

  3. Gotta love calendars! WOW, I should get that huge one.

  4. Have you ever heard of the "Uncalendar?" It doesn't have vertical days, but it does have a lot of writing space, and other information in it. One of my favorite parts is that you write in the calendar dates so you can use it for a long time, or only for specific planning times like leading up to a wedding, baby shower, etc.

  5. My bf and I both bought moleskine planners from Powell's. LOVE THEM. They look different than the one you posted - all the left pages have the days of the week on them, and the right pages are blank and lined for notes! Its amazing for brainstorming and keeping all your notes in one spot. So happy with it.


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