Monday, February 13, 2012

organized: make up

After this post I got a lot of questions about the makeup organizer that I bought. I found it at storables here

Make up is a tricky thing because we use it every single day so it is hard to have it hidden. I have lots of friends who keep it all in a travel make up bag... more power to them but there is no way I would ever remember/know what I had unless it was on display, it also keeps it clean when it's out!!

Some great ideas for displaying and keeping make up organized:

DREAM product that the Kardashians have:

What drives you crazy when attempting to organize your make up?


  1. I keep mine in a simple travel bag on my counter, but I don't have too much makeup, or counter space for that matter :)

  2. I keep my makeup separated between what I use everyday and everything else. I switch it up somewhat frequently, and it works very well for me. Great post!


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