Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Well friends, our house sold! It was on the market for less than a week and we had 3 offers, pretty amazing! I had a feeling it would sell quick but I didn't expect the craziness of everything that has had to go on since then. I'm grateful for the Lord and His timing because I know that He chose it perfect. We moved everything out over the weekend and have moved into temporary housing with my husband's family until we find a new place we want to buy and hand over our keys this Thursday! 

Something I learned about myself: I super hate moving. It's an organized girl's nightmare because there is NO possible way to have it done seamlessly organized. I tried little by little and felt good about it at first, a few boxes being packed each day so it didn't come and hit me at the end... but it still did. 

Moving in will be a lot better. The decorating and organizing in a new home will keep me motivated I hope!

A few insta-shots of my week (oliviakcarter):

Attempting relaxation for even just a few hours at a time: 

Have you ever had to do a big move? How did you feel about it? I could use some encouragement as I've been crazy overwhelmed over here. Trying to stay calm, not yell at people and TRUST it will alllll somehow be done by Thursday.


  1. Moving is the absolute worst. I think you taught me the best moving advice - put things in (or take things out!) of boxes quickly and organize later.

  2. I am right there with you. We are moving this weekend & our house looks like a tornado hit it. It's overwhelming & I can't wait to just have everything in its place again in our new home. When we moved from new orleans to virginia, I packed up our three bedroom house to move it all into storage while we moved to Virginia temporarily. I feel it was better than because i hid all of our moving boxes into a spare bedroom & shut the door. I have no doors to shut out all the breaking down of our stuff this time.

    I listened to a great sermon while I was packing this morning. It helped a lot. Praying for you. (And, that amazing your house went to quick!)

  3. I absolutely agree. I'm just like you. I try to keep things all organized and then on the last day or two it becomes a big jumbled heap. So stressful. Dislike!

  4. Olivia, get excited because moving into a new house is exciting! My husband and I just bought our new home. We literally got the keys two days ago and will be painting this weekend! We are moving from a tiny apartment, so we are really excited. Just think when you find your new home and get to move out of your in laws. Think positive and dream big! God was behind our move and finding the perfect home for us. It was pretty incredible. Ill be praying for a stress free transition.

  5. That's extremely exciting to be looking for a new house! I definitely know what you mean when you say moving is overwhelming. I am actually going through the downsizing stage right now of our move...to Indiana (Notre Dame campus) from Portland. We're shipping our stuff over, but will be moving into a one bedroom apartment, NERVOUS. Anyway, I am right there with ya, I super hate moving too, it's so unorganized! At least once you're settled into a new home the decorating and organizing can begin!!


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