Thursday, December 13, 2012

a different christmas

Our family has decided to do Christmas a little different this year. The burden has been on my heart for the last few years but I haven't quite had the courage to stand up and say it. The stress of buying presents for so many family members around the holidays has me feeling a little bit insane. The need to find just the perfect gift, make sure I'm spending the same amount on them that they are on me, spending money that I don't have  to spend all takes away from the real reason Christmas is celebrated.

God gave us a gift, a sacrifice of himself, when we are rushing around we miss the biggest detail of it all. This year we've decided with some of our family members to not purchase gifts for each other but to just be together. Christmas is a time to celebrate what God has done for us by sending His one and only Son to be humbly born into this dark world to pay a price for us so that we could live. He wants us to live our life as a blessing to others and slowing down to spend quality time with those around us is just that.

How do you keep yourself focused on the Creator?


  1. i go INSANE every year doing the same as you - where u find urself more stressed and frustrated then filled with joy - so now we just buy for the 'kids' and maybe a little something for the adults -- Christmas Eve mass is ALWAYS a must!

  2. Awesome! Keep being an example for Christ. It's really encouraging!

  3. That's great! My siblings and I cut way back on what we're spending on each other. But one of these years I hope I find the courage/selflessness to join the Christmas Revolution. It really is so sad how Christmas in our society has become all about things. Good for you girl!


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