Friday, December 14, 2012

warning: shallow post-needed a change

I decided on a whim last week that I needed a hair change. I've had the same cut for a few years now and was ready to try something different. I love short hair on other people but have always hated it on myself because I feel like I look like I'm 10. I was inspired by these pictures of Olivia Palermo and her long bob and thought I'd try it.


here is a little before and after from yesterday. I look super tired but that's ok. Photobucket

Now it's going to be a challenge styling it in a way everyday that makes me look mature as opposed to immature. This morning I used my Hana flat iron to curl a few pieces. Any short hair styling advice?



  1. you look great! I think the curls/waves look especially good the way you have it in the last picture. Have a great day!

  2. I love hair changes - bravo for being able to keep to just one for years in the first place!


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