Wednesday, February 12, 2014

closet organization

We should all be going through our closets at the change of every season. My sister and I do this for each other all of the time. I went over to her house this week to do some work!! We are bold with each other when it comes to this. You really need another eye and opinion. We don't need most of the clothes that we have and really end up wearing a small circle of items. Let's take things out and give it away to charity or a friend, think of the benefit others will have, not the loss that you think you will experience.

How we do it:

1. The owner goes through and takes out things she's unsure of. This could be:
a. things that may or may not be cute anymore 
b. things you haven't warn in the last 6 months
c. things that feel old and outdated or worn
d. things that you don't feel excited about putting on in the morning or feel beautiful in

2. The helper goes through and takes out items she questions. BE BOLD.

3. The owner goes through everything in the pile and tries on or says yes or no

4. You put back in your closet organized.

I like to organize my clothes by type of item.
Jackets, Cardigans, Sweaters, Button Ups, Long Sleeves, Short Sleeves & Tanks

I like all of my hangers to be the same type. It's a good thing to invest in to keep clothes fitting well.

Put all of your clothes in the same direction on the hanger

Sort shoes by type of shoe. To save space, put one shoe one direction and the other shoe the other direction. Shoe racks are always a good idea.

Happy organizing!!! 
Call me up and invite me over if you need help.
My friends will tell you that I'm honest ... right guys?

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  1. Such a great project for the weekend - especially with a friend or relative as your witness!


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