Tuesday, November 2, 2010

organized: crafting

I've been craving crafting a lot lately (hence etsy shop...) and needed a new space to spread out and be inspired. soo I did a little re-arranging.. It's not quite there yet but I'm working on it.

I felt like I needed to create a new space. Sometimes organizing is about taking what you have and moving it around in the space it's already in, sometimes it's about getting rid of lots of things, and sometimes it's about figuring out a way to better use your space.

We have an office.. and in that office were 2 desks, one for me and one for my husband. Makes sense right?
Well.. the only thing I do at my desk is play on my computer.. which is silly because I have a lap top and end up bringing it into other areas of the house.

I was crafting using every other surface in my home and it just wasn't really working for me.

SO I recreated it all...

(ugly... tucked away in lots of boxes)

new craft space in our guest bedroom:

MUCH better. the space is so inviting for me and I love working there!


  1. It looks so nice and organized. I love the idea of using mason jars for organization!

  2. it looks great! now you'll be even more creative because you'll have more room to think!

  3. I think this turned out very well :) I wish I had some space to do the same thing!

  4. it is an inviting space! i'd love to work in your lil' studio. :)


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