Monday, November 1, 2010


I am dreaming up some gender neutral room decor for a someday baby.
I don't want to find out the gender before it is born. This may seem "unlike" me to a lot of people as they know what a planner and organizer I am. {and this may change by the time I actually am having a baby but for now... }
how cute is this:


  1. That room is gorgeous! Thanks for giving me baby fever :)

  2. Cute!

    We're not finding out for this baby, and everyone who has done the same thing (waited to be surprised) says it is the BEST...there's no surprise in the world like it :]

  3. Olivia! My area director down here just found out today she is having a boy, but I love this room. Where do you find your baby room ideas i want to share them with her because you guys have similar style!?

  4. way too cute adorable!!

    um... you're gonna want to check out my blog post today!!! :)

  5. love it Olivia! we don't want to find out either when we're pregnant. such a cute room though!

  6. I love this! Love the colors and the mix of wood furniture! So cute!


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