Thursday, February 3, 2011


some favorite scenes from Rue issue 3! 

I just can't get enough of the whites plus bright colors. Obsessed. 

SUCH a great idea for a party, have each gal come with a skill she is going to teach, take turns presenting and creating that craft or executing that skill! Fun, creative party for a winter day!

in NEED of a mirror this big. love it

so much white, so bright and loving the open shelves and the big deep sink. the mix of the white dishes and the rustic look of the shelves is a wonderful contrast

could add this to my post of jewelry inspiration!!


  1. I've already read through this issue three times, I love it! And I'm dying over the huge mirror in that entry way.

  2. That mirror is AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING :) I hope you are having a good week olivia !!


  3. i LOVE that mirror ! i've been looking for an oversized { yet inexpensive } chic mirror like this one ! good find :]

  4. that huge mirror is gorgeous!!

  5. Isn't Rue the best? My dream job. I'm also loving that idea for a party!


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