Tuesday, April 26, 2011

from the inside out

The truth that the Lord can truly change us from the inside out has been really important in my life. I have experienced so much growth and transformation from Him. It all hit me so clearly at a church service my freshman year of college. I just broke.

The pastor spoke about how Jesus doesn't desire us to be the way we are (duh! I already knew this...) and the things we say about who we are and what we're like was NOT from the Lord they were from the enemy. It was a time in my life that I was doing this constantly. Lies played in my head about who I was and my excuse was always that "this is just who I am."

I knew God wanted to make me a nicer person, kind to all, live with good morals etc. but I didn't know how deep He wanted to venture into my heart. LIFE CHANGING MOMENT my friends. I heard Him say for the first time (because I chose to hear it...) "Olivia, give me your insecurity, I don't desire for you to be insecure" "Olivia, stop saying you can't deal with big issues, because you can and together we will" "Olivia I don't desire for you to feel unloveable, I love you SO much and someday I will put someone in your life who will." NEWS TO ME.

Since then, my life has been so different. Filled with more of Him and less of me. Less of the girl I once was and more into the woman He desired me to be and the woman He created me to be. Incredible.

Do you feel like you've let God in to the deepest parts of your heart? Has he taken rulership in each little part of your heart or in just the obvious places. Let Him in. Let Him roam around, let Him heal you, change you, transform you, cover your transgressions, redeem you and shape you. All you have to do is let him. All you have to do is surrender. Let Him in and BE STILL. He will do the work.


  1. love this post, Olivia. that's totally where I am right now. thanks!! xo, Katie

  2. Love this! so inspiring!!! I love the worship song "from the inside out" - one of my faves!

  3. I love this. It's so true, and God is so good, isn't he? His love is the only sustaining thing! It's so great to read about this in somebody else's life!

  4. i love this post olivia. the lord is good and is quick to renew us!

  5. welll.... i love that even when i avoid talking to you about this stuff and facing it with you, you still get to me hahah.

    thank you sista. extremely encouraging.


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