Wednesday, April 6, 2011

wish I was here wednesday

friends, i would looove to see:
where do you wish you were today???
write a blog post or a picture post and come back and link up!!!

Grab this button (the html code below) 
put it into your post
so everyone can see everyones links
and swoon over all of the wonderful pictures and ideas:

For Me


  1. Wow that looks so amazing right now :)

  2. Yes, please - I would love to be working in this cozy corner today!

  3. thats such a cozy little corner....looks so lovely!

  4. i love all those fun and colorful pillows. i'd love to be there today doing nothing! :)

  5. that photo is glorious! i wish i was there everyday!!

  6. that place looks great right about now!
    and yes! kelsey and i both had our first day yesterday!
    i look forward to working with her even though we're on opposite ends of the office!

  7. i love your blog!
    and i have to have that room in my future home. amazing.
    i'm a new follower and can't wait to keep reading.


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