Tuesday, April 5, 2011

gluten free: Deschutes Brewery

Portland Pub

210 Northwest 11th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 296-4906

ENTIRE gluten friendly menu

so happy about this one. such a great place, great feel, they make their own gluten free buns for burgers and sandwiches. THE BEST. also so gluten free beer, haven't tried it yet...


  1. Awesome! I have had g-free beer, it's not bad!

  2. I love deschutes.. its amazing what they come up with.

  3. yum! one of my favorite spots.

  4. i really need to come back to portland... i didn't spend nearly enough time there!

  5. i will have to go !
    yay for being gluten-free !

  6. that's awesome! Luckily you are in Portland and there are more gluten-free friendly places than other cities. Check out my post on gluten-free pizza that I made with Bob's Red Mill mix, it was yum and you should try it!


  7. Hey! I was reading your "about me" and saw that you work at Nike. Do you work at the one in Beaverton? A family friend of my aunt's, Dawn Achee, works at Nike headquarters in Beaverton, in the archive department. Do you happen to know her by chance?


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