Tuesday, April 17, 2012

clutter solutions: baskets

I believe that we all don't the time to stay on top organization and it's okay to not have of a super clear, clean, no clutter home at all times. Baskets are my solution of this.

If you have guests coming over and need a quick clean up, take your basket, do a clean sweep of the house throwing all "junk" in it to go through later.

Don't always have time to hang up your clothes or put them away after you wash them? Don't throw them on the ground, put them in a basket! When the basket is full it forces you to go through it.

Don't know how to store blankets? magazines? books? Use a basket!

Why they work:

1. Combines decor and organization
2. They can show off your style while being functional at the same time
3. You can find basket after basket for under $5 at Goodwill or any thrift store
4. Quick clean up guaranteed

Source: westelm.com via Alice on Pinterest

Do you use baskets for organizing or decorating? Would love to know how!
Here are a few way I use them in mine:

For blankets in the family room:

For the Laundry Room chaos:


  1. I am a HUGE fan of baskets! I am always buying baskets at thrift stores & yard sales. I also use them for organization; office supplies, cards/notepads, crafts, electronics cords, magazines, and last but not least; toys. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have started keeping an extra laundry basket in my closet, like you said, for those random clothes I don't have time to hang up during the day, and it is life changing... especially when I pop my husband's clothes in it, since he more likely to leave them out that I am. That way I don't get annoyed with him. The basket eliminates marital stress! I just take it out about once a week and have him help me put all the clothes away.

  3. I have baskets everywhere in my house. I don't think there is not 1 room that I don't have a basket in there :) There so easy to hide and store things in.

  4. i bought about 14 baskets and then my dog ate every single one of them. now i have metal bins. i showed him! :)


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