Tuesday, April 24, 2012

organized: small bathroom

A challenge a lot of us face when we are starting out with our first home or apartment is storage. I received so many wonderful gifts from my wedding but don't have a lot of space to house it all. Here are some great tips for this issue in those small bathrooms!

1. Display bathroom items in cute baskets or shelves. It keeps it organized & cute but still accessible. 
2. Get an extra storage unit that you decorate on top to hold everything
3. Side Shelves: Put up extra shelves in an aesthetically pleasing way
4. Shelves above doors! Genius
5. Little baskets hanging and decorate with bath items
6. Extra shelves under the sink
7. Baskets!!!!

Source: hgtv.com via Olivia on Pinterest

what are your small bathroom tips to stay organized??

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  1. I use a cabinet with a glass door above the toilet, and in it. I keep my cotton balls, q-tips and other essentials in pretty jars so that they look a little fancier than they really are.

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