Wednesday, April 25, 2012

how He loves us, Oh,

How often do we sit in the Grace of Christ? As a Christian woman I struggle so much with perfectionism for my self. Am I doing this or that right. I think because I have Christ in me that everything I do should be perfect (which it could be if everything I did involved Christ and Him alone.)  Why do I burden myself with perfection when I know I am swimming in an ocean of grace that is freely offered to me.

 I wrote about REST here  last week and I think GRACE can be written in right along with it all. Do we fall into His arms that promise rest & grace? Do we let Grace overcome us so much that it's like we are sinking inside the sea of HIS perfection.

How do you let His Grace dwell in you?


  1. this semester God's really challenged me to find my anchoring in him and his grace for me, instead of in how my relationships are going or how I feel about myself. I can deal with ambiguity or pain in those areas if I know that God's grace for me is what makes me OK.

  2. Mmm... love this. Oh How He Loves Us played at our wedding ceremony!


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