Thursday, August 23, 2012

reader question: the TV

reader question:

What are pointers on placing a tv in a living room without it being tacky? Or how to display a tv that isn't or can't be central to the entire room.


Thanks for your question! 


2 thoughts came to mind for this issue: 

1. Choose the focal point so the TV isn't it.
Most people could choose a fire place, this means that you would center the couch to face the fire place and have the TV off to the side or on a different wall. 
Another option would be to have your couch facing 2 chairs, this give the feeling of pointing people towards conversation instead of the TV. A similar idea would be to have 4 chairs facing each other.
A lot of people have big windows or sliding glass doors in their family room, this would be another option for a focal point, outdoors make for natural artwork, face your furniture there!

2. Put decor around it, make it look like a piece of art or that it blends right in with the theme of your decor you have going on in the living room! 

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  1. love these ideas! although, i am totally guilty of focal point-ing our giant black box in one of our living rooms... oh well, we don't even have cable! haha!


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