Thursday, August 2, 2012

still house hunting...

Our house sold a few months ago and we are living in my in  laws basement while we search. It's a super hard process, a big investment that we don't want to take lightly. We'd love a house in a great neighborhood to grow into with a few bedrooms! I'm open to making changes with the house we buy, just no knocking down walls so we need a great floor plan that we like.  A few other things we are looking for:

Good Backyard for kids to play & to have lots of BBQs & bon fires

Basement/Bonus Room just to be able to live together in as a family and again, entertain
Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Lots of Natural Light

A few things I'm excited to do to once we move in some place: 

Paint everything white

Penny Tile in the bathrooms

Get new Light Fixtures

Source: via Olivia on Pinterest


Buy new furniture
Source: via Olivia on Pinterest
What are your home "must haves"? Anyone else house hunting right now?


  1. My obsession for antique/vintage furniture has really escalated recently and now I'm more than ready to get out of the house we're in so I can house all these neat furniture pieces I want so badly but can't.

    Best wishes to finding your dream family home!

  2. natural light is such a must! i often find houses without heavy artificial light depressing...

  3. I guess we’ll jive when it comes to house hunting! I love natural light and white-painted home interiors – just like this photoset! It seems that the pictures were taken from a single home. Or is it?

    Renay Lattimore

  4. BBQ’s and bonfires are just the same things I want! =D Which is why I chose a house with a large backyard. Believe me, I’ve been on the same place as you before my wife and I found the right house for us. Actually, it’d be best if you ask for a professional assistance from certified mortgage brokers. They usually have great house listings to offer.

    Oscar Lang


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