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dwell: Blair of Wild & Precious

Hi sweet friends & readers of For Me! Pleased to make your acquaintance! (I know that is a super old school thing to say, but I decided... just now... to bring it back! Feel free to join me in making that a trend!) I'm blair from Wild & Precious (you read why I named my blog that by clicking aqui) and I'm excited to be a part of Olivia's Dwell series. To be honest I've started and deleted this post about five times -- not quite sure what to share. When in doubt - let the scripture talk for itself though... So i thought I would share one of my favorite verses and a very short tidbit on how It came to be so. Here we go:
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When I got to college -- I thought I knew it all.  I was little suzy sunday school, goody two shoes, everybody look at me cause I'm awesome -- that girl!  I busied myself with going to a different church club every night.  I was staying up way too late trying to be everything to everyone.  About two months in God began to break me... which was scary and beautiful all at the same time.  During this time God blessed me with an older girl who pursued and challenged me.  She gave me this verse:
Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth I desire but you.  My flesh and my heart may fail me, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 73:25-26

It penetrated my heart as I began to see that amongst all the church groups and sunday school answers I had made little room for a Savior... and in fact, was trying to be my own.   Praise the LORD we don't save ourselves.  When I am the most tired, unloving, and irritable, if I take a minute to investigate, it more often than not is because I have relied to much on myself and on the world that day for my happiness and not on the Creator of the heavens and earth! You can only pretend to function like that for so long.

 I'm so thankful for this verse.  I pull it out quite often as it both convicts and encourages me and ask myself these questions:  Am I looking to my heavenly father for strength? Is my desire to follow my Savior stronger than my desire for the things of this earth?  Do I believe that Christ is sufficient? Even though my answer to these questions is far to often "no," these questions help me keep my heart in check.  Our flesh and our heart do fail -- but don't be discouraged in that... we have a Savior, mighty to save!  Halleluia!

How does this verse speak to you today? Would love to hear!

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  1. What a great verse. I love it too! It definitely is a much needed reminder DAILY the He is enough. He's all I need to get me through everything. Flesh is entirely too weak.
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  2. Blair, thank you for sharing this! It tells us that when our bodies aren't enough (and they rarely are) God is enough.

    Olivia, I'm so glad I found your blog! I can't wait to read more.

  3. not only does this verse resonate with me but this -- "I had made little room for a Savior... and in fact, was trying to be my own" -- does as well. i'm glad i read this today. :)


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