Thursday, December 29, 2011

trend love: knee highs

LOVING this look: what do you guys think??


Mine that I just bought off Amazon:::

I'm loving them but the flaps in the back keep coming down..  (you can see on the top right). I keep wearing them but am looking for a solution. Any ideas? Or does it look fine and I'm just being paranoid?


  1. Cute purchase! I am obsessed with my over the knee boots. Sometimes I get outfit insecure though. Way to rock the look!

  2. Flaps happen - doesn't look bad at all! However, I often find that if something bugs me about a wardrobe item, I don't reach for it when I'm putting together an outfit. I do really love the over-the-knee boot trend, and these boots were made for walking, so the flap won't even show! I say keep 'em!

  3. i love the look too but never feel like it looks right on me! i need to find some cute boots. you look adorable though!


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