Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the fun bun

vest: Lux brand (?) not sure
Shirt: Gap
Belt: Target
Jeans: BGD
Boots: Hot Kiss

I love this vest. (I didn't do a very good job capturing it.. It's eggplant and fuzzy kinda with a pattern... ) My sister had it for years and didn't wear it often so she let me have it :) I never really know how to wear it though... I think I found the fit when I found this belt on sale at Target last week!

This was also my first attempt at really wearing the ballerina bun. I have lots of thick hair and when I have it up it give me MAJOR headaches (anyone else?!). I love the look though. Its great for dirty hair day 3 (or 4....)


  1. Love the outfit and bun! I am definitly with you on the headaches! I have super thick hair and it hurts my head to have my hair up high or even to sleep sometimes.

  2. the bun is sooo cute on you - rock it, girl!


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