Tuesday, August 3, 2010

better than life

A friend of mine sent this to me and I loved it. "You're all i need" has been a theme in my heart for Christ for the last few years and this seemed to resonate with that.

"Psalm 63:3 says "Your love is better than life" Can you say by faith and conviction, that His love is better to you than life? There are wonderful things in life that affect us, but nothing can touch us at the depth that God can touch us.

Psalm 63 also refers to the transcendence of God, which means that absolutely nothing compares to Him. The most wonderful things on earth fade in the distance in comparison with Him. He wants us to come to a point in our relationship with Him where we can say, "You are so far above and beyond every other thing in my life, every other love in my life, every other experience,hardship, disappointment, every other purpose or goal in my life. You are my life. Not just the most important thing in my life-You are my life. And Your love, God, is better than life. In fact, Lord, I lay down my life to see you face to face because You are better than life". We were meant to utterly devote ourselves to Christ."

-Beth Moore


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I needed tihs badly, today of all days. God must have known. It blessed me for sure.

  2. Psalm 63 is my favorite psalm! it's so weird, i was just thinking about it last night and how i haven't read it in what seems like ages. will definitely be reading it tonight!

    i pray that one day i can honestly say "You are my life." definitely have a long ways to go!

  3. see blogs I come to find this! Christian're not? I loved your post!

  4. :-) this is so lovely! Love you're heart girly.


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