Tuesday, August 10, 2010

country but not too country

a sweet friend of mine is moving into the country with her man. he is a winemaker (HOW COOL IS THAT?!) and they want to be closer to where that all happens in beautiful Oregon! She likes the idea of a country home but doesn't want that to take over. I'm trying to help her come up with some decorating ideas! I think beautiful glass jars like these would help put a modern look in the kitchen
this room has a country backdrop with some "new" items in it- bright wood table and the flowers.
a fun modern print that still has a country feel
the colors in this room are very country. maybe keeping a setting like this but adding in some bright colors, get rid of the pastels and go for some bolds!?

anyone else have some creative ideas? how to be country but not too country?


  1. Love it!! I LOVE the black/white/red/orange kitchen stuff and oddly enough, my kitchen IS black/white/red ish!!

    and the fabric! I saw it at fabric depot last week and now i'm convinced that it must be perfect if you found it too!

    Thank you, thank you, liv!!

    (Now please let me win the lottery so you and I can go shopping and buy a million new things for my home!) love you!

  2. I love french country styling with a hint of modern flair. Its definitely doable. A winemaker, now that is a dream job.

    Chunky rustic wood mixes well with steel in my opinion. Or with clear chairs. Ad rustic pieces with whites, light grays, lighter colors to brighten things up. Also be careful with too many patterns. Country styles love patterns but you'll veer into that too country look.

    The main reason I love the movie "Its complicated" is because of how Meryl Streeps kitchen, house, bakery.

  3. i'm SO oppostite of country - i can appreciate the design and look of it all - but i could never go for it ..

  4. ahh i would love to live in a country home! i love a mix of old and new.

  5. Aweh! I like it all myself! I would love a country home, and if she is moving around all the wineries, it's going to be gorgeous there! :)


  6. totally love country, french country, shabby chic with a touch of modern througout. found you through casually defined. you have a very loveLee blog. glad to have stumbled upon it. happy to meet you!
    blessings and aloha,

  7. oh how i love that middle collection of kitchen-y items from anthro! they never cease to inspire!

  8. Great ideas here for your friend! My sister lives on a farm, you should check out her style on her blog called Once Upon a Farm. (its on my blogroll)


  9. Such a cute blog you have here! love that last room! So pretty and clean looking!


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