Monday, August 2, 2010

coverd by your love divine

"to hear you say: 'this one's MINE' 
my heart is spoken for"
I love how much My God loves ME. He chose ME. He calls me His.

Did you know that the God of the Universe takes ownership over you? Did you know that He knows your name and knows your heart? Turn around to meet Him if you haven't...


  1. :) I love that He choses me.

  2. you have a beautiful heart. just thought you should know. thanks for sharing :]

  3. Thanks for sharing this little note on theis very hot Monday afternoon!!! Hope you had a great weekend!!


  4. something sparked a memory of reading sj hill's book 'enjoying god' while readying your post. if you haven't read it, its a great read. the first chapter is the best. one of my favorite. he talks about God's love for us. how deep, how extravagant it is. :)

    love your post.

  5. Awwww I so love this post! Hits home too. I just finished reading "The Shack", and it puts the relationship with God in a different light that I needed.

    Thanks hun!!!

  6. Ok and 2 more things:-)

    *Your newest follower!!!

    *I have a giveaway you'd love, come chk it out when you get a chance love!


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