Thursday, December 16, 2010

{last day}

today is my last day at my office job.

i can't begin to tell you the freedom I will feel as I drive home today
it has been a hard road the last 2 years in regards to my job.
The Lord has been teaching me so much through this whole thing. I know that I was in His hands as he worked in me as he continues to knit more of me each day. I am so grateful to be coming out of the wilderness, a time where I knew He was there, but had NO idea where He was taking me and why.

I'm so excited for the next chapter of my life, the next season will be a great one, full of joy.


  1. How wonderfully exciting! What does your new chapter hold?

  2. i am so glad ur excited - what's next on your adventure of life?!?!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. Jesus has surely called you to this new chapter b/c while i like things clean i definitely know i am NO organizer! So excited on you new job! So, if you're ever around SC... ;D

  4. Congratulations on starting a new career! It's so exciting to start something new that you're passionate about. Good luck!

  5. this is so wonderful! i'm so excited for this new chapter of yours!

  6. So exciting... what a blessing to be called to do something you love and are passionate about. I hope you are doing your happy dance all the way home :)

  7. Its always a nice feeling to be closing one day and openning another....


    good luck

  8. That's fantastic! Congratulations! I can definitely relate -I quit my office job last year and felt a wonderful sense of freedom the day I left.

    I'm a new reader. Sounds like we have things in common -keep in touch :)


    p.s. I have a little giveaway over at

  9. That is wonderful! Trusting in the Lord is always the best guide to life!

  10. how nice and special to be entering a new chapter right before the new year arrives. may your life keep on being blessed :)

  11. oh olivia :)
    iam so SO excited for your new adventure.
    i love change, and i think God uses change to rock our boats once in a while, and we learn so much through it!!!
    i am so glad you have a heart for the lord :)
    your kind spirit, artistic abilities, and CUTE CUTE self will go far, my love :)


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