Monday, December 6, 2010

out of the wilderness...

some great changes are about to happen in my life in the next few months
God has been teaching me so much through this right now
He has just been building me up for what He has next for me, and He finally thinks I'm ready
I am coming out of the wilderness
been thinking a ton about what this means
I have been feeling a weight lifted off of my shoulders-- so much freedom about to happen here
and finally turning over a leaf
been praying this a ton
this is my passion & more generally this
so i started this series
and NOW  I am going to be doing this
like for real.


  1. This is so great! I am so happy for you! Everyone should be able to do what they love in life. Go get em girl!

  2. SO excited for you!!!!! I hope i'll get to pursue my passion as a career within the next couple of years. HE is so good! <333

  3. Good for you Olivia!!! Praying that it happens in full force and is just the biggest blessing to you!!

  4. wowww that is soo awesome!! i need all the help i can get on home organizing.. ours is always a mess!! :(

  5. That is awesome! Can I come work with you?! That is my dream job. Except it would be hard for me not to be stern to people who are hoarders.

  6. Yay for you!!! That's so GREAT! It's so amazing what God can do if you just open your eyes and heart and listen to him and his will for you!! :)

    I just came across your blog! It's Fabulous!! I hope I can get some wonderful tips on organizing my EVERYTHING!!!!! Finances, recipes, clothes, clutter, again EVERYTHING!!!

    I am now your newest follower!!!

    Good Luck and God Bless!!


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