Thursday, January 13, 2011

give me SUN

it was freezing here in Portland on Monday but SUNNY, now, it's back to rain but I am just CRAVING sun. I need it, my skin needs it, my hair needs it, my SOUL needs it. dreaming of being HER right now.

update on my life right now

1. my cousin had her baby girl tonight! going to see her tomorrow, so so excited.

2. my mamma is going in for surgery on friday because she broke her arm/elbow last week :(

3. I'm going to BEND with my bible study girls this weekend, I CANT WAIT to relax, cook, watch friends, see the snow, and hopefully the sun!

4. my GIVEAWAY ends tonight!!!! come and enter!! PLEASE :)  all you have to do is be a follower, heart Sea Lillie on etsy and then leave a comment saying you did so! the necklace is SO cute

5. I am working on my health right now...part of that is being gluten free, which I have been for 12 years but now its like SUPER STRICT no gluten.. it's killing me right now... any great gluten free recipes out there?

How are you?! What are your plans this weekend??


  1. Just looked at your previous post about Oregon looks stunning. I've never been northwest, but your pictures make me wish I had! You like in a beautiful area. :)

  2. I wish I could send you some sun!!! Theres plenty of it here in FL. I too, read your post about Bend...AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL! Wish I could come along! :)

  3. hahaha! i recently had a tiny little ode to the sun on a recent post! a love affair with the sun!

  4. Love this image! Think it's my dream home :) I'm gluten minimal... do you follow Gluten Free Girl blog,she's got some great recipes and her own book :)


  5. serrrriously, it's been consistently overcast here & i am craving the sun!!! have fun with your bible study girls, how fun!

  6. i blog gluten free, check out some of my easy peasy recipes. sorry for the lack of sun, cloudiness gets quite depressing after awhile.

  7. The sun makes everything better! hope your mom's surgery goes well :)

  8. I'm throwing my boyfriend a surprise party! I'm super excited!

  9. PF Changs has a gluten free menu! :)

  10. It's freezing here too.
    We are leaving for vacation this weekend
    My work day couldn't go any slower. HAH
    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. hi sweet olivia :)
    i'm needing some sun too :)
    its so cold here in KC - tons of snow. brrrr.
    totally jeal of your trip to bend - i would love a weekend with B-study ladies - soak it up girl!!!!!!
    have a fabulous time. thinking bout'cha momma.

  12. A little gf treat for you.
    amazingly beautiful gf food!
    her photos alone will inspire you to cook again.

    Bon Appétit! (:


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