Monday, July 26, 2010

i loooove bend

Brian and I just got back from a wonderful 4 day trip to Bend, one of the most beautiful places in Oregon!

We did a lot of biking

we laid in the grass

with our TOMS- which we found out are great for biking!!
{this is for Alfie and her TOMS in motion photo project :) }

we were in awe of the Lord's beautiful creation

and found lots of houses that we want to own

we also biked to the hot spot in Bend- Cuppa Yo (NOT AS GOOD AS PEACHWAVE!!) and they did have Cake Batter flavor.. and I'm not gonna lie- I wasn't impressed...

It was so great to get to feel like we had nothing to do, we could go to Starbucks and read our bibles for a few hours, we could get lost on bike rides and lay in the first grass area that we found, we could read, we could watch tv, we could eat every meal out side and wake up at whatever time we wanted. It was fab.

what did you all do this weekend!?

my sister is en route to Africa right now!! will post about it tomorrow!!


  1. Oh my, what lovely photos. I've never been to Oregon, but sure it looks like such a beautiful place to visit :)

  2. Those houses are really pretty

  3. That last house was my fav! So cute! LOVE that you got this time together! CHris and I had our time too! Soon it's back to work!

  4. Looks relaxing and beautiful, Oregon seems so green.

  5. Looks so beautiful, I would love to visit!

  6. gah!! such AWESOME AWESOME pictures!! and how jazzed am i about that TOMS shot?? :) looks like a fabulous time!

  7. that sounds like bliss! how nice to have a little getaway together! looks like a beautiful city, geez! loving your matching TOMS, i'm thinking joel and i need to make that happen!

  8. You have matching shoes? How sweet!!!


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