Monday, March 14, 2011

guest post: {meg's musing}

hello, i'm meg, writer behind meg's musings and shop owner of pretty things by meg.
i am truly honored to be guest blogging for the beautiful,
inspiring and encouraging olivia today! hope you enjoy :)


spring is hands-down my favorite season. i am counting down the days.
after a seemingly endless, brutally cold Michigan winter
(this one has been especially unkind),
it is the most glorious thing to once again feel the warm sun on my face,
and to watch new life spring up around me.. to see green again.
it is a beautiful reminder to me of the new life we have in Christ,
and how he is constantly re-creating us.

there are so many things about spring that i am pumped about.
i thought i'd share a few of the front-runners.

{1} flowers!
they make me ridiculously happy. most especially cherry blossoms and peonies.


{2} farmers' market.
fresh fruit + fresh veggies + fresh bread + fresh pasta + fresh flowers...
within walking distance from our house = pure bliss.

{3} flats. 
because i am so. sick. of wearing winter boots. and socks. 

{4} lemon bars.
creamy meyer lemon crumb bars to be exact.


{5} long walks & bike rides.
especially at the park with my hubby & our cockapoo magglio.


{6} celebrating me and hubby's 3rd wedding anniversary! memorial day weekend. don't have plans yet, but i'm hoping to travel somewhere new.

what are you looking forward to most this spring??
T - 6 DAYS!!!


  1. oh i almost forgot about farmers markets! so excited for them too!

  2. absolutely love this post - farmers market, flowers, lemon bars - all favorite things of mine as well. can't wait for spring :)


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