Friday, March 18, 2011

blog catch up + formspring

WHEW! we are back and finally settling back in...

I wanted to say a special thank you to some ladies that did guest posts for me. If you missed them:

Anna (my sissy) on her love of NYC
Liz on spring dresses and colors
Molly on all things spring fashion
Meg on what excites her about spring

YAY so fun. 

also, welcome if you are a new follower! excited to take a look at all of your blogs once I get settled back into a routine at home :)

alllso I have a formspring. I got it a awhile ago to fit in with all of our YL club kids but that wasn't a very good idea as I literally wanted to cry reading the things on all of their pages. Kids are SO mean and when they can ask or SAY anything they want anonymously it got ugly.  

BUT i've been seeing Liz use it as a fun way for blog readers to get to know her better. SO I'm bringing it back!  Ask away.... just be nice :)

a few posts that caught my eye as I've been catching up:

a must try, i love cupcakes and i love coconut!!!!
(will do it with some gluten free flour and see how it goes)

some cute DIY projects to try & some more

some beautiful words

YUMMM (um apparently i'm hungry???)

fun air plants


  1. what gluten free flour do you use? I have used almond flour but haven't been experimenting too much. Here is a recipe for biscotti that you could also turn into cookies by not baking the second time:

  2. Glad you're back! Hope you had a great time in NYC and all your other travels! :)

  3. coming back from a trip and playing blog catch-up is so fun:) Glad you're back! (love the air plants ;))


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