Thursday, March 3, 2011

organize by olivia project #1

some shots from the wedding I coordinated a few weeks back-- 

lots of prep happening

super cute invites the bride had made by an artist who makes posters for bands! 
great idea, huh? those faces are the bride & groom :)

some flowers for decor that the bride's co-workers helped her make during one of her showers
cute & helpful idea for a shower!

another brilliant DIY idea by the bride: she collected lots of class bottles and jars
then had sticker strips made
I took the stickers and made different patterns with all of the colors for the center pieces

some DIY mustaches for the Photo booth Prop Box!

another quick DIY for the extra invites-- 
putting them on sticks to then put in vases or different pots & buckets around the reception site


only spent about $60 by going to Costco the day before the reception

I prepped them all the day before just in case I needed to buy more 

the done ones:

transportation was an issue-- I wouldn't recommend a box like this
it worked, i put a towel down at the bottom in case there were any spills
there were and it worked out fine but the rest I put in buckets and it was much safer & easier!

all out at the reception site ready to go on tables!

a somewhat done project:

wish I could have gotten more pics from around the reception- but there was a wonderful photobooth 
everyone had a blast. I made a prop box with the following:

5 sombreros
2 boas
4 mustaches on a stick
red skirt
chalkboard with chalk to write messages

YAY fabulous night.


  1. those invitations are adorable! and love all the decor!

  2. i just love weddings.
    i wish i could do it all over again.
    or i need some more friends getting hitched to get out the itch.
    haha. looks like fun

  3. this is so awesome! I love that you are coordinating weddings. I love all DIY's totally my style.

  4. ok FABULOUS - sooooooo cute!

    I’m hosting a give-away and would LOVE for you and ALL to
    Join Custom Sign Give-Away

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  5. Great job! Hope you have many more events to come!!

  6. the invites are so unique! i love the silhouette look. plus those colorful bottles are adorable!

  7. these are all wonderful ideas! sounds so fun and creative :)


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