Monday, March 7, 2011

guest post: annalynnreilly

As my sister and her husband are off traveling around I am here day dreaming of New York. 
New York. I will never forget the first time I went. Riding on the bus into the city for the first time, graffiti on the walls, advertisements everywhere, a sea of yellow cabs, and people every which way I looked. New York made me feel alive, because the city was alive. Everyone was on a mission, everyone had a place to go, and everyone was doing something. My heart begins to race just typing this. 

My sister and I come from a family who also holds New York close to their heart. Our Mom moved there in her 20's to model and my Dad grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Queens, and worked in the city until we all moved to Oregon. I love going back with my family not only to be in the greatest city in the world but to go and see the things my parents use to love. But here are some other reasons why I love New York:

The diversity of the city. 
Walking the streets on any given day you hear a wide range of languages and see people of all different colors and backgrounds.

Or any kind of food for that matter. My number one would be New York style pizza, the kind my Dad taught me to fold and eat when I was younger. But besides pizza there are so many amazing restaurants and markets and food carts, I feel like I'm in heaven. I'm a sucker for an amazing meal. 

People watching.
Couldn't be a better place to people watch. My favorite thing to do is just walk around and see what everyone is wearing. The best is being on the upper east side and seeing old ladies with old money and the outfits they wear. I also love seeing all the menswear. I think all men should dress in suits and in New York you see the best dressed, classiest men. It's interesting to see the young twist on business attire but I still adore the older men who wear great suits to work.

The Fashion.
Fashion capital of the United States, of course. Like I mentioned before I love seeing all the fashion on the street. I feel like when I'm in New York I could wear anything not matter how out there or bold and no one would think twice. I admire all the originality that New Yorkers have in their clothing and how great everyone looks.

 The history.
New York is the heart of many love stories, award shows, banquets, broadway plays, movie sets, and more. I love going to such historic significant places.

I hope my sister is soaking up all that is New York. We love that place and it holds many memories for the both of us. I hope this post put New York in the softest part of your heart and on the top of your travel plans.
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  1. Oh New York! So divine:-) Great post girl! I soak up the fashion too. Ok. and the pizza. xoxo

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I live in NY and you blogged about all the things I love about being here in the city :)

  3. I LOVE New York City, headed there for Memorial Day, so excited!!

    Enjoying your blog :)


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