Monday, July 25, 2011

off to CAMP

I am off tonight to travel for... 18 hours to a beautiful magical land called Malibu Club in BC Canada. 40 high school kids from Sunset and 5 leaders are heading up on bus, ferry and boat to spend a week at Young Life camp. If any of your are familiar with Young Life you know its no ordinary camp- it is a FULL packed week of luxury and fun. Controlled chaos is how I describe it. If you pray, pray for us as we get to watch lives transform by high school kids hearing about the LOVE of Jesus Christ some for the first time and some in a new way. A love that is not about rules but about a relationship with our Creator and Father. Pray for walls to be broken down, hearts to be open and spirits to come alive. Pray our leaders have the full energy and love of the Spirit flowing through us to be able to set these kids at the feet of Christ and watch HIM move.

I will have a few guest posts this week and look forward to sharing about our time when I'm back!
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  1. Yay Malibu! My sister-in-law was at WFR this past week. Will be praying for God to move in your students hearts this week. Xo, Katie

  2. I am sooo jealous. I have gone to Malibu six years in a row but haven't gone the last two years and there is a Malibu-shaped hole in my heart.

    Malibu, in my opinion, is the closet to Heaven on Earth as we can get!

    Have a great time! Hope you can get some sleep! (ha!)

  3. wow, that camp looks breathtaking!! sounds like it's going to be an amazing week! i will definitely say a prayer for transformed hearts.

  4. have so much fun at camp! my hometown will be up there this week as well (lake stevens/snohomish). i will be praying for all of you!

  5. I hear Young Life camps are amazing!!
    Have a fun filled week.


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