Tuesday, July 19, 2011

smart solutions

Desks can be hard to fit in to smaller spaces but, for most homes, is necessary to include. It helps designate space and activities in your life. Paying bills, calendar planning, filing papers and everything like that will be done more efficiently if it is all kept together in the same place. Here are some great ideas for getting a desk space made in a small area

This set up is perfect with minimal attention being drawn to it. Having no legs really does make a difference.

I am loving this desk set up. It would be perfect for a small room or space and to also hide the idea of a desk by mixing it in with shelving and decor. 
find it here @ C&B

This is a great idea for studio apartments to have your bed side table double as your desk!


  1. Those are some very very good ideas on how to be organized with not a lot of space! :) Minimalistic is a perfect word!


  2. I love the futuristic feel of the first one! I actually thought about buying the second one, but it's too big for my house :(

    These are great ideas!

    Ana @ My (Newly)Wed Life

  3. Creating a desk space is always worth it. Adds another dynamic to a room even if it small.


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