Friday, November 4, 2011

boyfriend jeans & halloween

shirt: H&M
sweater: Nordstroms
belt: Nordstroms
jeans : Nordstroms
nail polish: F 21

and our Halloween costumes. 15 minute, free, make shift costumes. As Young Life leaders we feel the need to have a costume box and it collects lots of things...  I think we are... a basketball couple. from the 80?/90s? not sure. I sort of felt like Jenny from The Block. I've got some gold hoops happening.  and Yes that is a wig that my husband is wearing.


  1. 1. Those blue shoes are killer.
    2. cream and stripes...always love

  2. Love your first look! Stripes are amazing and with sweatervest and belt it really ties the look together really nice!! Your halloween costumes look super fun!

  3. I love your sweater!!! Maybe we can just swap sweaters for a bit when we move to Portland =) Very cute!

  4. I just pinned that first outfit. LOVE it.

  5. oh! I love boyfrien jeans!! so cute!

  6. You look amazing, great casual look!

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