Thursday, November 10, 2011

oh husbands.

having problems this day having Brian take pictures of me...still getting over the awkwardness..

necklace: Twist
t-shirt: Gap
blazer: Nordstroms
bracelets: Africa & 31 Bits
jeans: UO: bdg
shoes: target


  1. haha. that is sooo me when anyone I know takes pictures of me. Back in my modeling days, I was completely comfortable in front of a camera with strangers all around. Funny how that works:-) xoxo

  2. Cute outfit! I really like the stripes and cardigan and I just got similar booties from Old Navy!

  3. haha love it! the same thing happens to everyone i think, myself included. love the stripes!!

    life spelled jen

  4. I love your blazer! So cute. :)
    I’m a little like that around the camera if it’s someone I don’t know. If it’s my family I’m fine.


  5. getting over the awkward or not, you look adorable!

    xo chanel

  6. not awkward at all! but I know the feeling. these are adorable (of course, love the striped shirt :).

  7. very very cute. love the last two photos, ahahha yes there is some awkwardness with hubby photographers :) on another note, your outfit is awesome, in LOVE with that blazer! <3

  8. haha your to cute. thats how i feel sometimes when i ask my hubby to take photos of me..especially the close ups. lol.


  9. Hahaha amazing. Having someone take your picture is so awkward isn't it? It definitely took me a while to get used to my boyfriend taking my photos.

    So I am adoring this stripes/blazer combo. I have a blazer addiction and yours is lovely :)



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