Monday, March 5, 2012

living on mission, always.

We are going through a work series at my church right now. It has been awesome and so life giving. In Part 3 John Mark (one of the Pastors) talks about having a God given focus on our life, really seeking and asking him what He has for us. Once we know it and define it, it feels simple from there to go and DO what God has called us to do. So often in our lives we say yes to so many anything (or for some of you not enough yes's) and we feel overwhelmed. At least for my husband and I know this is true, we can't give ourselves fully to everything because we are saying yes to too many. The funny thing is, when Brian and I talked about it, we were each able to nail down our "life goals" given to us by the Lord within minutes. The truth is already written on our hearts, we just need to now listen and apply it. John Mark said that we should spend our life doing what God has called on us (duh!) and anything beyond that needs to take a back seat. Something that really hit me was when he said we shouldn't always feel stressed in life, that the feeling of stress means we are carrying a burden that is not the Lord's.... this is doing WONDERS in my heart and mind right now. What am I doing that isn't God's call on my life? Whatever it is, it's a waste of time & energy and making me feel stressed.

Here are the 3 things I came up with that I felt God was putting on my heart to do: (Family, Vocation, Service)

1. To be the neck of a godly family, to team with my husband to parent humbly (when we are someday parents) and let the Lord guide us and our family, showing our kids that submitting to Jesus and letting him run our lives & loving Him with our whole hearts is most important.

2. To use my gifts of organization and logistics to further the kingdom

3. To mentor young women and help them in the transition of meeting Christ to walking with Him and growing in Him & to foster and create a community that loves each other and Christ well- to be a family of families.

What are yours? Have you thought about this before? Do you think it would be hard to come up with 3 things that you KNOW the Lord has called you to in your life?

I would HIGHLY recommend listening to this series, or parts of it if you can't listen to it all whether your "work" is being a mom, being an accountant, running your own business etc. (my favorites so far have been 3 & 4)

If you do listen, I would love to know your thoughts and what God is teaching you through it!


  1. Thank you so much for posting the links for these messages. I can't wait to download them and listen this week, hopefully I will find some encouragement and guidance as I've really been struggling with "what am I supposed to be doing?" for awhile now. Love your blog and your fashion sense :)

  2. So good. I should podcast some of these sermons, I've been hearing so many great things. Miss you and Solid Rock!


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