Monday, March 26, 2012

skirts vs leggings

I've always thought of skirts & dresses to be worn on special occasions and not for the every day. Maybe it's the climate we live in, how it's 40 degrees most of the year, maybe I'm scared wind will come and my underwear will show, maybe I'm not that in love with my legs, maybe I never don't like to shave my legs,  whatever the reason I've always been more inclined to put on leggings or jeans than a skirt or a dress and I feel like I'm missing out.

Here's to dressing more like a woman with a skirt or dress in the every day:

What about your? Do you wear skirts or dresses other than to weddings? Do you have a go-to skirt look? 


  1. Funny you mention it...I broke out my first skirt of the season today. Now if you saw me, you'd be like, "EEEK! Get a tan!" But I'm white and I'm learning to be proud of it. :) I do wear skirts to work, church and ceremonies. I've discovered after all the dresses I buy that I look better in skirts. I need to make a mental note so I'll stop buying all the dresses. ;) I hope you'll branch out and try wearing a skirt here and there. Especially on your trips to the warmer climates!

  2. I much prefer skirts & dresses! For me, they are easier than pants, we're opposite! I don't like how jeans look on me most of the time, and dresses and skirts are often flowy and not as constricting, although I always wear tights since I don't like showing off much leg, so those can be constricting sometimes :) Love all these ladies you featured!

  3. I've been digging the dress thing lately... trying to branch out into it a little more :)

    love these pics!

  4. i brought so many skirts with me to spain and haven't even worn one yet. i'm waiting for my legs to get a little bit tan so i dont blind everyone on the metro


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